Duolingo – Learn a Language Anywhere, Anytime!

Duolingo Learning a language has never been so much fun!

The hugely popular Duolingo, an online language learning and practice program, is now available for download as a mobile app. This way, we can do a few minutes of the lesson at any time of the day when we get to it. Recommended for both beginners and advanced. Although the lessons start from the basics, you can glide through them quickly by solving the check tests. And when we start a new language, we practice even the most basic words with us, without having to core them, of course.

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Duolingo - Learn a Language Anywhere, Anytime!

By solving the lessons, you can earn points and set how many points you need to complete each day. The more days we spend in a row, the more “ lingot ” we get. In exchange for your lingos, you can buy useful things in the store menu. In the phone application, you can set it to alert you every day to complete your daily task.

It is worth starting with English, because only this is available in Hungarian for the time being, but if we are already at a high enough level in English, we can also start learning completely new languages. The selection is quite wide. In addition to German, French and Italian, we also have lessons in Korean or Esperanto.

Duolingo - Learn a Language Anywhere, Anytime!  Duolingo - Learn a Language Anywhere, Anytime!

The great advantage of the application is that it develops several skills at the same time: vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and even hearing comprehension when we have to describe a spoken word or sentence. (Of course, if you don’t want to use a speaker, you can turn off these types of tasks.)
Perhaps this is the greatness of the app.

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To summarize Duolingo:

I think it is one of the best development software. At least among language teachers for sure. All of its features are free, so it doesn’t burden our wallets either. The solutions are accurate and straightforward. There is no misunderstanding even if we translate something a little differently if it is correct in its content. (Maximum prints that another solution would have been acceptable.) In addition, the interface of the application is infinitely simple and transparent.

I recommend Duolingo to anyone who wants to connect the pleasant with the useful and also likes to learn while having fun!

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