How to ACCELERATE RAM Memory on Android or iPhone 2022

How to ACCELERATE RAM Memory on Android or iPhone 2022

When you talk about the RAM of a mobile device specifically we are referring to that unit that is responsible for saving the computer’s operating system as well as each one of the applications that are installed in it. Basically, we are talking about a memory that is responsible for making use of a graphical environment so that through the CPU you can hear and see them.

Its main function is to save all those data of the moment, this is considered temporary storage since all this information is lost when the equipment is turned off or restarted. The speed of the mobile will also depend a lot on it. Usually, when the memory fills up, it automatically starts to delete all the files and programs from the past that are no longer used to start adding new information.

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Freeing up a RAM doesn’t make much sense, but this is a process that should be done sporadically if it is really necessary. This is recommended to do when there are background apps since they consume a lot of battery when your device is having failures with a program that makes it run much slower or simply if an application does not work correctly. Here we will show you what steps to follow so you can speed up and free up space in your RAM so much for Android devices such as iOS.

Steps to improve and free up RAM memory on your Android phone or iPhone

It is important to bear in mind that this memory is of great importance for mobile devices since its performance will depend a lot on it. As usual, it is recommended that this be equal to or greater than 1GB. This is where the importance of always keeping space available in it comes in.

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But, you must bear in mind that at the time of free up space all current programs and files will be erased therefore, you will have to charge all this again, which can mean a waste of time as well as consumption of the mobile battery. That is why this action is not recommended to be done constantly but only at specific times.

How to ACCELERATE RAM The most common when wanting to improve and free up space is to disable or deactivate all those programs that come from the factory and that for some reason you do not use and are only limiting the space of your memory as well as greater battery consumption. To be able to carry out this process for both Android and iOS devices, you just have to follow these steps:

Free up RAM on Android

It is important to know that despite freeing up space this will not make your equipment work like new, but it will help you to be a little more fluid and work with a higher speed when opening an application.

In Android devices, RAM is not usually the best since they are generally of very little power or capacity. An example of this is the 2GB memory which is the most common in new devices, despite being 2, 4 or 6 GB or any other size you will never have this ability fully, you have to remember that The entire terminal operating system is added as well as each of the App that is added from the factory.

If you are an Android user and you’re looking for a way to upgrade and free up space on your device Here we will teach you some methods which can help you carry out this function, which will allow you to have a much more fluid mobile.

In these cases it is important to be able to know which applications consume the most RAM memory on your device, you just have to follow these steps:

  • The first thing you have to do is enter «Settings».
  • Then enter the section «Applications».
  • There you will see all the Apps installed on your computer, you just have to enter each one of them to be able to see how much RAM occupies.
  • In the case that it is an App that is not important we can «Force Close», «Deactivate» or «Uninstall» and failing that, try to find another similar program that uses less memory.

Another case would be to close only those applications that we will no longer use during the day, such as the App of the National Banks, camera, and radio, among others, for this, you just have to enter «Applications» Y «Force closing» some devices work with the task button, you just have to slide to one of the sides and it will automatically close.

Speed ​​up RAM on iPhone

It is possible that at some point you begin to realize that your iOS device is running very slow, especially when entering some of the programs, and it is that despite the good work that this company has done with the use of these RAM of the devices sometimes there are drawbacks.

Usually at the time of restarting the computer frees up memory, but this is usually a somewhat tedious and time-consuming process for many. That is why here we will explain another way that you can carry out this function on your mobile.

  • The first thing you have to do is press the «Power button» for a few seconds until the display shows the option to «To turn off».
  • Now without releasing the «Power button» are you going to press the «Start button» simultaneously for a few seconds until the screen appears completely black and returns to the «Starting screen».
  • The next thing will be to unlock the mobile and then press twice the «Start button» so that all the applications that are in use are activated.
  • There you will see all the Apps that are running, which you can close to give more space to your mobile and it can work more smoothly.

List of applications to free up RAM memory on Android and iOS

Currently one of the factors that most worries users of both the Android devices such as iOS is the speed of computers and memory shortage since these are factors that can considerably affect the use of mobile phones. That is why the importance of having a RAM quite wide,

However, as we know that the vast majority of mobile computers do not have a very large memory capacity, there are some methods and applications that will help you free up space so that your terminal can work in a better way and its speed is not affected.

Because of this, here we bring you a list of the best apps that you can use when you want to free up space and improve the fluidity of your Smartphone so that you can have a more positive experience when using it.

Clean Master

How to ACCELERATE RAM Memory on Android & iPhone 2022

It is considered one of the best Apps for this area thanks to the fact that it has a very complete platform. In them, you will be able to make different options, either from the clean cache, and junk files, free up RAM, improve battery and smartphone performance, and additionally includes an antivirus. Thanks to all this, it can be said that it is one of the most complete programs for this type of function.

The Cleaner

This App tends to be confused with others due to its similarity in name, as is the case with Clean Master and CCleaner. But this application is mainly based on improving the operation of both the internal memory of the Smartphone and the storage.

Its main function is to manage the operation of each of the apps, as well as that of the games, constantly clean device memory, and help save battery life. It is mainly characterized by its excellent platform and can be gotten free through the Play Store.

Smart Booster

This App is currently one of the best at the moment for wanting free up RAM of a mobile device, this application has had some updates recently, this is how the cleaning options have included removable memory as well as clear cache. These options will help your Smartphone to work faster.

Super RAM Boost

It is characterized by its easy handling, and power close applications Going unused or under-consuming RAM has never been easier with the help of RAM Boost. You just have to start the App so that the whole process begins to take place.

Currently, you can also get totally free, and is available for all smartphones.

Max Cleaner

Another of the App designed to carry out cleaning is the Smartphone, if you can erase any type of media file that is duplicated in a very simple way, clean all kinds of junk files, RAM cleaner, battery saver, and also works as an antivirus.

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