How to ACTIVATE Google Search Bar Widget on Android

How to ACTIVATE Google Search Bar Widget on Android

While it is true, a widget it’s a simple app extension that is commonly part of a larger app that is installed on the electronic device. Thus, widgets come in all shapes and sizes, are widely customizable, and reside on any available Home screen for quick access. Therefore, they are a tool that allows you to obtain the information you want without the need to open the platform that manages said information.

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In this sense, Google has implemented by default, the search widget on the mobile phone desktop when the system is first to run. In this way, it is possible to do it on Android devices, for several versions of this operating system. Which gives the facility to search faster, being one of the mechanisms that its users use the most every day. Although many people choose to eliminate it, many others prefer to use it, due to various reasons. The main one is the comfort that this type of gadget exhibits on a mobile device.

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How to ACTIVATE Google Search Bar Widget on Android, therefore, from this post, we want to teach you how to activate and customize the google bar widget on your android phone, very easily. In this way, detailing the step-by-step indicated to carry it out and the tricks to adjusting it to your liking, are below.

Steps to activate and put the Google bar widget on your Android phone

First of all, it is necessary to take into account that the most valuable advantage of the widget of the Google Chrome bar is fast navigation compared to the typical and original bar of this search engine. In addition, you will see, automatically, the search suggestions when you press it. Next, the procedure you must carry out to execute it:

  • First of all, you must make sure to have the Google Chrome app on your cell phone. Mostly, this app is pre-installed on most mobiles and it is not necessary to download it. But, in case that does not happen with your terminal, access Google Play Store, and find and install it. This process is generally quick.
  • Later, access the widgets screen on your mobile. In almost all cases, you can do it by just pressing for a few seconds in an empty area of ​​the home screen. Here we show you how it appears:
  • Now, click on the icon that is identified as «Widgets”. There, you should look for the gadget «Search in Chrome «, to proceed to activate it.
  • Once you locate it, press on it for several seconds, and then release it and place it on the home screen wherever you want and/or where it is most comfortable for you. The bar is displayed as follows:

It is important to emphasize that, for any Google Chrome version The procedure is similar to the one we have just indicated, and well, the same happens with all Android phones.

Indeed, just by following these simple steps, you can check the types of data you want directly from the home screen of your mobile. That is, you can unlock the phone and immediately do the search you require. In addition, it is considered an interesting and tempting option for many users, so currently, prefer to use it rather than delete it.

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Although you should keep in mind that, if you make use of a large number of these elements on your device, it is possible that it begins to consume more resources than usual, be it processor time, battery or bandwidth. Therefore, we recommend that avoid saturating your smartphone with so many utilities and tools at the same time.

How to customize the gadget of the Google search bar?

After setting, wherever you want, this navigational aid item on Google, you have the option to customize it and thus, adjust the bar to your preferences. To do this, simply locate yourself in the gadget, and by observing it in detail, you will see that it has three dots in the right-hand corner, (in some cases, they may be three horizontal stripes) which are about Menu.

Then, press them and you will see the different alternatives that it shows you, among them, the new option “Customize Widget”, Which is where you should enter. After this, you have four variables to modify to dock the navigation bar to your liking.

These are:

  • Logo
  • Shape
  • Colour
  • Tonality

Next, we specify what each of them offers you:

  • Logo: As its name implies, it is in which you can fix the bar logo and for that, you have two choices. The first is a G and the other is the full name of Google.
  • Shape: It allows you to modify the widget outline. This can be square, completely round, or only with circular corners.
  • Colour: Certainly, this is the section that causes the greatest sensation in Android users, given that allows the transformation of the gadget around the color you prefer. There are also options such as shading or transparency.
  • Tonality: In this one, you have the selection to view the desktop background to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the hue and of course, depending on your tastes.

Best of all, each of the options is completely wide, and thus, they manage to shelter the preferences of each of the Android users. So that in such a way, they can feel more comfortable and completely satisfied when perfectly adjusting the appearance of your mobile device’s home screen.

Finally, we hope that each of the procedures that we introduced to you and the tricks that we teach you will be of great help to you in order to get better usability from the google search bar on android, being customizable on your cell phone and thus, make good use of the tool that gives you greater freedom when acquiring any information you need and also around the optimization of the interface of your mobile device.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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