How to Block Incoming Calls From unknown Numbers Android Phone 2022

How to Block Incoming Calls From unknown Numbers Android Phone 2022

Receive phone calls from an unwanted number It is quite annoying, either from those made by businesses offering a product or service, from a person with whom you had a certain problem and do not want to talk, or even a matter of harassment. Fortunately, there is the possibility of creating a “blacklist«, In order not to admit said calls again and it is the option of» Block calls” From a phone number. Which, is available for both Android, as well as iPhone, and Windows 10 Mobile.

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How to Block Incoming Calls From unknown Numbers Android for its part, it is necessary to take into account that Android, has its particularities for each manufacturer and the way to restrict calls varies depending on the brand of each mobile. However, the most common is that their variations are very unremarkable and in reality, the process for all is similar.

While it is true, once you decide to block the phone number on your device, you will not receive any more calls or despised messages not at all. And it is that when you do, all incoming calls will be automatically forwarded to voicemail. This is why, below we will show you the steps to restrict a text message or call from a specific phone number, keeping in mind various operating systems. Besides, we will inform you on how you can block and rebut them from a completely unknown number.

Steps to block an incoming message (SMS) or call from a phone number

If you wish to prevent them from calling you from a phone number or you no longer want to receive unwanted messages from a certain contact, you have reached the indicated post because we will show you step by step how to do it.

In principle, taking into account that Smartphones add different alternatives and among them, there is the one to block certain telephone numbers to not receive absolutely anything from them on your mobile again.

Best of all is that you do not need to download and install additional applications to achieve this, either on an Android, an iOS device or even on Windows Phone. For your part, when you decide to do it, it is essential that you remember that these text messages will be blocked, and cannot be recovered. In this case, you will only be able to unblock the number and receive those sent to you after this.

Lock for Android devices

First of all, it is essential to note that the menus of the great variety of Android mobiles that exist are different. That is, they may not be called exactly the same, since each brand has its own customization layer on this operating system. So below, the options of your terminal may vary in terms of those that we exemplify:

To restrict those that are incoming and messages from a phone number, perform the following procedure:

  • In the application «Phone«From your device, access the call log.
  • Then, search and select the number you want to block. There you will see the section «Info«With the» iconic”, Which is where you should enter.
  • Once in located “Info«, They show you an option at the bottom of the screen that says» Block number”.
  • When you select this option, you will see a notice that specifies «You will stop receiving calls and messages from this number from now on”. So you must press where it says «To block”. Thus, you will stop receiving those that for you are unwanted quickly.

Another quick and easy alternative is the following:

  • Access the application «Phone” To the call log.
  • Press a moment the phone number you want to restrict.
  • If it shows you the option “Add to Black List«,» Rejected list” Or something similar, select it.
  • If don’t show up in the previous option, open the menu and choose “Harassment filter” Or the name with which the mobile brand has identified it.

Restrict on iPhone phones

Yes, you are an iOS user, you can be sure that this operating system is the one that allows blocking incoming calls in an easier way. This option is integrated into the iPhone by default and in addition, the restriction can be carried out by two methods.

The first is from the recent windows tab of the phone, and the other is from the contacts. Taking into account that what we indicate is the same for all mobile phones because it is a closed system and the same that works for an iPhone, it will also work for the other.

So if you want to block a number that called you recently, the fastest way is to access the call log. Subsequently, press on the «I» with a blue circle and choose the option «Block this contact”. As it was executed in the case of Android.

Do not allow it on Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile)

In the case of Windows Phone, the action of restricting calls and SMS can be carried out from the operating system’s own configuration.

In this sense, you have to go to Settings> Call and SMS filter, where you can activate the Block option. Added to this, in that same menu, it is possible to add numbers from the mobile phonebook or by entering them manually.

Now the lock can also be set from phone call history. So you simply have to enter, after pressing for a few seconds on the number you want to restrict so that the menu is displayed and in its options, it will show you the block that number. That is, it is a process similar to that of some Android and iPhones.

But for the greater benefit if you are a Windows 10 Mobile user, in the advanced options of the configuration also you can absolutely block all those coming from unknown numbers.

How can we block and reject calls from an unknown number?

In addition to the recommendations that we gave you previously to be able to block those of a certain phone number, also There are other mechanisms that we will present to you for unknown numbers:

Reject mode for Android

Most Android phones, regardless of brand, have an option of «Reject mode” In case they call you from an unknown unwanted number. To access it, the procedure is as follows: Settings> Call settings> Reject call> Reject calls from> Add numbers.

To your advantage, the option Auto rejects mode, provides you the activation or deactivation of the previous filter case, at any given moment, you need to receive none of the numbers that you have restricted or reject all of your mobiles.

Download Truecaller for Android and Windows Phone

Since some Android and even some Windows Phone devices do not integrate the native option to block calls and SMS directly, there are third-party applications capable of doing this. One of them that is considered the most complete, because it offers various options and has a good reputation, is Truecaller.

In this way, once you download and install the app, you just have to go to the Block tab. Located there, it offers you an “activate lock for a list of numbers” Then the same software recognizes spammers.

So can access that list to browse or remove numbers from it (if you wish). Taking into account that it is also possible to add numbers to the list, either manually, from the phonebook itself, or from the call history.

In sum, Truecaller provides the ability to restrict hidden numbers and opt for two locking options. The first one is to automatically reject said numbers and the other is to silence those that come from them.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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