How to Find lost Android Devices & iOS Devices

How to Find lost Android Devices & iOS Devices There are a number of programs in app stores that specialize in finding lost devices, but by default, both known platforms offer great solutions. Let’s also see how they work.

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How to find lost Android devices

The search engine for the green robotic system can only be accessed in a browser at this link.  Immediately after entering, we will come across a map where we can see the position of our phone fairly accurately, provided we have left the location turned on. If successful, a measurement notification is displayed on the phone. Failing this, you will have three options to ring, lock, or delete the data stored on it.

In the first case, even silent mobiles make the loudest noise possible, this can be switched off with the shutter button. When locked, your previous fingerprints and/or password will be deleted, and you can enter a completely new password to log in. Our third option means a complete deletion to prevent unauthorized access to personal data.

How to Find lost iOS devices

We have two options here. Either open iCloud in a browser or use the Find My iPhone app. In the former case, the inconvenient case may be that we have not yet logged in to the account from that machine, in which case the recently introduced two-step authentication may be a problem. In contrast, the disadvantage of the Finder is that it requires the addition of another iPhone or iPad.

Once logged in, both methods give you a similar result to Android, so you can see the location of the device on a map, play a sound, rewrite the login code (enter a phone number and a unique message here), or delete all the files stored on it. If you have done any of these, you will also receive an email notification. A huge plus is that while we needed to turn on location on Android during our test, the apple solution had enough of a Wi-Fi connection for similarly accurate measurement.

We hope to find as many lost devices as possible using the description above!

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