How To Move Steam Game To Another Drive

How To Move Steam Game To Another Drive

Steam provides a variety of library folders. You can select where to install the games after downloading them. Additionally, with the help of the latest update, it is now possible to move a game you’ve downloaded it, without having to download it yet. This procedure can help you save from downloading tens, or hundreds of gigabytes worth of game information simply because you have an updated SSD and you want to transfer a handful of games. This is not the same as moving the whole Steam Library folder that moves just one game within it. The following procedure will let you transfer a handful of games instead of an entire collection.

What is steam?

For a long time, Steam was the world’s most popular and largest online store for PC games. It was a virtual store in which you could play many games including Valve titles to those from major producers and studios such as Ubisoft or independent developers. You can buy and download over 30,000 titles on this incredible gaming platform. Alongside the huge range of games available on Steam, it is also a popular choice due to its flexible, reliable, and agile software that permits the downloading of games that are compatible with Mac OS, Linux, and of course Windows. The games are all legal and licensed, and some of them are completely free.

Transfer Installed Origin Games Between Hard Drives

Step 1. Open Windows Explorer and create a folder on your external hard drive to save your games.

Step 2. Go to your current Origin folder, and locate the folder that contains the game you wish to transfer. Transfer that folder to the destination and delete the previous files.

Step 3. Open Origin and go toward “Origin > Application Settings > Installs & Saves”. Then, under “Game Library Location”, select on the “Change location” button and move it to the appropriate folder on the brand new drive.

Completely close origin Even completely from the background. This only applies to newly installed games, which means your existing library won’t be affected.

Step 4. Return to “My Game Library” and click the “Download” button to re-install the game.

Instead of re-downloading the game, Origin will detect the existing files and make any needed minor adjustments. After this is done then you’ll be able to enjoy the game as normal.

How to move a steam game to another drive?

To clear the space in your drive you can transfer games between drives to the other. Presently Steam software comes with this feature, so moving can be accomplished without risking losing games you downloaded. Even when you change your computer’s previous hard drive, you’ll need to replace it with a brand new SSD. One of the first actions, you’ll need to make an entirely new folder within your Steam library. In order to accomplish this the downloads that might be running need to be stopped.

* Create a folder in your Steam library:

Start the Steam folder, and then go to Settings – Downloads, then select “Steam Library Folder” under Downloads “Steam Library Folder” under Downloads. It will display a pop-up window where you can click “Add library folder”. Then, you select the destination drive to which you want the Steam game library will be saved. Give the folder an appropriate name and select “OK”, then click “Select” and select the newly created folder to save the game.

* To transfer Steam games from one device to the next:

Once you’ve created your destination directory on your new drive or device for storage You can transfer all of your Steam games between drives the next without causing any damage or loss of data. To perform this process, simply select the game you wish to move, click the left mouse button to ensure that the menu appears and follow the steps: “Properties – Local files – Move installation folder”. This opens an additional pop-up window. From there, you can transfer the game to the new location.

This procedure must be repeated for every game that needs to be transferred to another drive.

* To keep it short

If you are installing the video game on Steam you are able to choose the directory and hard drive you’d like to use. If, however, you wish to transfer games from your Steam games onto a new drive, you don’t need to reinstall them. Just transfer the files from one folder to another. This change to the directory is made in two easy steps:

Create a new folder within the Steam library. This game is installed into this folder.

Go to the game’s properties and then move all files into this folder. As you will observe, this is an extremely simple, quick procedure that allows you to pick the ideal where to keep your games. This is extremely useful when you are looking to make space on your primary hard drive or prefer to store the game in a separate folder. Before making any changes, be sure that you are running the most current version of Steam that allows you to make changes to your hard drives in a safe way and without the possibility that you’ll lose your game.

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