Jeebboo App is a Mobile Multilevel Game

Jeebboo App is a Mobile Multilevel Game

Jeebboo app is a mobile, free, fun, and multilevel game to play on your smartphone and win cash. You only need to download for free, the Jeebboo application for your smartphone (iPhone or Android device) and start playing.

What is also important is that Jeebboo ( does not require any personal information of self of its members in order to log in and participate in the jeebboo community apart from an email account, in order to contact the member in case he/she has won.

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You can select which multiple-choice questions to answer and which ones to skip. For every question, you answer you will receive credits. For each credit, you receive you are automatically entered into one or more draws for an award. Jeebboo users belong to a network based on their geo-location and weekly draws take place for each network.

If you answer at least one question per week, you automatically enter the weekly draw! As the network expands the prizes will as well. Apart from the network draws, there is a global draw in which all Jeebboo members take part. More draws, more chances of winning! And this is only the start. As we go on we intend to introduce a lot more features to improve the game because in Jeebboo the important thing is not only to win but also to make it fun for everyone!

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