Making An Attractive And Strong Blog Posts

Today, I am giving some new tips for new bloggers and existing bloggers. I will show you how to make attractive posts and strong blog posts. I am presenting a formula for this. If you use my formula, surely you will get high traffic and comments too. By reading this post, you cannot increase the traffic to your site, but you can make a large number of returning visitors. And also, this improves the look of the posts.

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The main things needed for a strong post are given below :

Making An Attractive And Strong Blog Posts Introduction

  • Style of writing.
  • Use of images.
  • Use of Subheadings And Minor headings.
  • Use of bullets and numbering.

The things can be explained as follows :


You have to place a nice introduction in each blog post. It can be both funny and creative. It must be around 200 words. For example, you can write about your experience in founding the technique and how you came to know that, and everything that comes to your mind at that time.


Your style of writing can include these styles :
  • Questions.
  • Proverbs.
  • Funny statements.
You must include these styles in your blog. Because the blog reader must think in his mind that the author is talking to him just like a friendly chat. But use them accordingly.


You can use images on blog posts to make the blog posts look better. But there is a style for using that. You just use these steps :
An image based on the title.[ If you are posting about Making An Attractive And Strong Blog Posts, you must add an image on starting which having the text of the post title.]
Other images accordingly. These images can be great looking and funny. It must attract the reader to look at the image frequently.


You can use a decorative type of headings on your blog post. That is, you have to divide your blog posts into headings and subheadings that will make it easy to read and understand the post.
This will give a good look to the posts and it will not feel like the post is too lengthy to the reader even if it is lengthy.


Using bullet numbering while posting is an easy way that your posts can be in a nutshell if expressed with bullets.
Use all these things on your blog for a better-looking post. Thanks for reading this post.

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