TOP 15 Best Launchers for Android 2023

TOP 15 Best Launchers for Android 2023

You may have never heard of launchers and that is normal, they are not applications that are highly mentioned, but they are an important base on your phone since thanks to these you can have a unique operation and improve your user experience.

One of the most outstanding features of Android is customization. Regardless of the manufacturer and version you have, you can improve and replace parts of the system yourself to change its appearance. You should also bear in mind that one of the fundamental parts is the distinguished launcher or launchers, with these you can take advantage of smartphones and tablets. Best Launchers for Android 2023 generally come pre-installed in each terminal, but it is possible to download external launchers that improve the operation of the originals.

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That is why in this guide you can discover what they are and how to know if you have one on your team. In turn, we will give you a detailed list of the best in the market so that you get the most out of it. Configure your Android with all the tricks that only this operating system can offer you.

What are «launchers» and how do I know if I have one installed on my Android phone?

Launchers in English, Launchers in Spanish, perhaps this is one of the simplest ways to describe its meaning. But to understand it better; They are applications that by default are pre-installed on mobile devices.

When starting a device, everything you see on the screen, color, icons, buttons, widgets, and more, is what is commonly known by this name. In other words, it is the one that shows all the tools and that you can organize them to your liking. Its task is nothing more than launching the applications that are used on mobile. It should be noted that each company customizes its own launcher, and that’s when we realize that although the Android may be the same version, each one has a different interface.

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List of the 15 best launchers to improve your Android mobile

Apart from the one that your device brings you, you can download other launchers to your mobile device in order to complete its capacity, taking into account that there are thousands of them, making it difficult to find the most suitable for your needs.

It should be noted that the perfect launchers do not exist, since there are some that pretend to be there they are not completely, but they make you a screen or bring you viruses. That is why in this section you will discover which are the best in this market.

Nova Launchers

TOP 15 Best Launchers for Android 2022

It is one of the few that, despite having been on the market for a long time, is still one of the main ones, due to its good performance. This allows you to customize it so that in this way it is totally to your liking, in addition to that you can install the icon pack, and modify the size of your desktop and the style.

In turn, you agree to make backup copies of the modifications you make. The application can be found in two ways, in the free or paid version, with it you can get a counter of unread notifications, and touch gestures, among other things. You will find this version as Nova Launchers Prime.

Evie Launcher

TOP 15 Best Launchers for Android 2022

This launcher was born to compete with Nova, but not in order to be a clone if not something much better with a little grace. It has a search bar to find different elements such as apps, content recommendations, movies, songs, and more. Apart from its functions you can install icons and configure certain characteristics.

It only offers a free version, so you will not have problems when using its tools. It is considered one of the most optimal, and its performance and easy handling make it ideal for those who are not experts on the subject.

Arrow Launcher

TOP 15 Best Launchers for Android 2022

This is a bit out of the ordinary because was created by Microsoft, so it is totally different from what you are used to from this type of launcher. With this, you will not have to include your Widgets or have several app tabs on your computer, since it creates specific windows for each thing, for example, one for your contacts, another for your tasks, calls, and so on.

But this is not the case, because it incorporates its own pack of icon themes and quick settings in addition to other functions. This tool is available for the latest Android version 4.0.3 update onwards. Best of all, it’s totally free.

Action Launcher

The app is not new, only that as time passes they have been improving it, so much so that it was practically completely redesigned and now offers more features than you can imagine. This brings with it an Android Pie or Android 9.0 style Dock, and a Widgets panel is incorporated.

It also includes compatibility with Google Now through the download of another additional platform. At the same time, it brings an app drawer with some search engines and applications, colors that you can customize, quick edition of the icons with a proportionate size, among other things. It is available for Android version 8.0 onwards and pixel 2.

The free version is a bit limited, but with the plus version that is paid, you can modify the colors of the themes that you are configuring, when doing a search it gives you more options, among other things.


This launcher has something special, the reason is that it works for adults because Allows you to make the icons of the apps and functions of your mobile device appear in a proportionate size or suitable for their sight of them. In addition to being colorful, it has a very easy-to-use interface so that older people do not have any problems when using it and know how to differentiate each one.

Necta Launcher

This is very similar to the app that we presented previously. Its way of working is very simple and covers the basic functions and the information that an elderly person or a child may need when navigating through the equipment tools.

Its characteristics are based on reading and writing design with large characters, large buttons that facilitate pressing and avoiding errors, an internet search bar, a flashlight, and shortcuts for some apps that you may need, whether calls or messages, among others. all this is at your fingertips. You can customize this for the applications you want to display.

Lens Launcher

This app is very similar to that Arrow Launcher, the difference is that this program will show all the apps and functions you have on your phone in a tiny way. The moment you press the screen your finger makes the function of a magnifying glass so that in this way it is expanded and you can enter your tools without a problem.

You can configure the size to which you want the icons to be displayed. You can also adjust the lens appearance, distortion, scale, and vibration when pressing, among others. It is available from version 4.1. and offers a totally free service.

It has two unique characteristics:

  • An equidistant from Grid showing all applications.
  • A graph of the fish eye to zoom quickly.

Android Light Launcher: Smart Launcher 3

This launcher is not very out of the ordinary, since it offers you the same as the other apps, what makes it original is its sophisticated and intelligent design. Besides that, it allows you a simpler and lighter service so that at the time of use it does not consume so much RAM memory space of your mobile device.

It is very good for devices that do not have a large storage capacity. Like the others, you can customize it to your liking and it offers a free service.

ZEDGE Ringtones & Wallpapers

This app is also very functional for those elderly people or for those who want their mobile device to sound as harsh as possible.

In particular, it provides you with unique customization for your device and offers ringtones, alarm sounds, notifications, wallpapers, screensavers, and much more. Ideal for people who have never heard your call!

Launcher 8WP Style

The fact that you have an Android does not mean that you cannot change the format of your phone. Do you want to try a new style like Windows Phone? Maybe once you thought about the possibility of completely modifying the design of your equipment, you could not find how.

Today with this app you can transform the interface of your device with Windows operating system if you wish. You can even download themes for iOS or whatever you prefer. It is available for Android 2.3.3 onwards, which means that no phone will be left without being personalized. The best that it is totally free.


If what you want is to change the appearance of your phone, this platform and the one you saw previously serve you completely since are special launchers to enhance the look or display of your mobile device. The good thing is that it has an interface so simple to work with that you will think that it is not an app but that it is yourself.

Its great advantage is that its themes are totally free and not only that, it also helps you organize the tools by categories automatically. It is free and works from version 4.1 onwards.

Kiss Launcher

This launcher is designed for its users because it has a very light platform so that in this way it does not take up a lot of space or your mobile device downloads very quickly. It works through its search bar, either to research on the internet or for your applications, It creates a history for you with the functions you use the most on your device.

It will keep everything organized and in sync so that when you search for something it is effective and if your phone is rooted, the application will show you some extra options. As many mentioned it is free.

Flick launcher

This launcher is similar to the Nova Launcher, It has similar or better functions. You can customize it, receive notifications as if your Android were 8.0 style, create shortcuts to applications and even configure the equipment so that when you slide the screen, a tool of your choice opens, you can block apps or folders you want with a password, among others functions. You get this app totally free and it is available for any version of Android.

X launcher

It allows you to change the appearance of your equipment by placing an interface of an iPhone X or iOS11 not only that, but it allows you to hide the apps that have encryption, does fast searches, and more. At the same time, it gives you a transition effect on the desktop in 3D and on the wallpaper.

It is considered the best launcher for Android users who want to experiment with another operating system. It is the smallest (4 MB), fast, and elegant.

Moon Launcher

This launcher is very good when you have children Because you can create parental control so that your children do not see or get into applications that they should not, you can even put protection for a specific time. The smallest can customize the colors and backgrounds, but not the general settings of your mobile devices.

If you want, you can also limit the installation of apps or games without your authorization. In the same way, you can establish who can send text messages or who can open them, also with the calls and other options that they offer you. Best of all, it’s totally free.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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