Traditional Word Game Turned into Modern Android App Word Tower

Traditional Word Game Turned into Modern Android App Word Tower

Vatuma Games, a mobile gaming company, is pleased to announce
the release of Word Tower a unique, fun, addictive, and educational word game for Android. This traditional game played by generations of adults and children has surprisingly never been turned into a game for a mobile platform.

Now after months of planning and programming, Ivan Milyaev and his 3-man team have released Word Tower so that generations more can enjoy this challenging word game. The idea behind the game is deceptively simple, yet hard to master. The idea of the game is to fill in the towers with words, simple. But the catch is that each tower already has some letters filled in, meaning the words need to fit, just like in a crossword.

The game comes with a whole variety of options and variations allowing beginners to easily master the game with just three small towers, yet hard enough (10 towers and more) for even the most expert linguists.

“I played the game all my life on bits of paper – from childhood to university and into my adult life,” said Ivan Milyaev founder of Vatuma Games. “My wife is a big fan of the game and I was very surprised when I could not find the game on the Android Market. So I decided to write the game myself.”

The game is playable in English and Russian and there are plans to add more languages later. The different levels of difficulty add restrictions like forbidding the use of duplicate words in the towers or limiting the types of words allowed (nouns but not verbs and so on).

About Vatuma Games

Vatuma Games is part of Vatuma, the media, and technology company, known for its advanced WordPress themes (including the Clear Line Theme and the Aesthete Theme) and its Web 2.0 development work. Vatuma Games was started by Ivan Milyaev specifically to create Word Tower, but now with its team of dedicated developers, Vatuma Games is destined to create many more engaging and fun games for Android and other mobile platforms.

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